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Build a health consious community.



Create food gardens that has community engagement and environmental sustainability at its heart. 


Our story

Shine Divakaran, a software professional, was born and raised in the city of Trivandrum. In 2014, he suffered and survived a stroke. This turn of adversity built a steely resolve to lead a balanced lifestyle to ultimately aid in his wellness and the wellness of society at large. Shine went on to explore and learn about the disconnection of people from nutritious food, active lifestyles and the natural world. The result of this disconnection is poor physical, mental and social well being. His painful experiences inspired him to find easy and effective ways to reconnect to food, people and the natural world, thereby creating greater health and wellness in people’s lives.

Thus the company Eat Healthy was founded in April 2017 with its program Eat For Health(E4H) to build a community of healthy and well nourished individuals. The project is developing steadily as we are building up our skills, gathering equipment, raising funds and understanding the land and our place in the community.

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Our programs

Own your Food Know your Farmer -> Empowering local communities to grow their own food. This will 
                                                                 Improve people’s diets while creating economically stable farm
                                                                 operations to guarantee a dignified life for local farmers.
Food at work                                     ->  Work place solutions to reduce employee health risks and related
                                                                  costs while raising productivity and morale.
Farm Events                                       ->  Harvest festivals, Know your farmer, U-pick events, barbecues, pot
                                                                  lucks, farm tours, Horticultural courses such as ‘Growing Your Own
                                                                  Vegetables’, cookery shows, Tailored team building for organizations
                                                                  and companies etc.

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