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E4H Food Garden template

E4H design template1.jpg

E4H garden is a one acre  community farm owned and democratically controlled by its members It is built on the E4H community model. It is a mix of Nature, Social interactions and Meaningful farming. E4H gardens give people access to Nature that they may not find in their day to day life. From animal growing to growing plants people can get involved in a safe and structured way.  There are three human elements to this model,

      1. A land owner who is prepared to look at models of sustainable food production that engage the local               community.
      2. A local farmer (trained by E4H) who is keen to produce food for the local community and respond                      directly  to their needs.
      3. A local community with a real appetite to engage with the food they eat.

The garden will grow vegetables produced by sustainable practices and run box schemes. Each box contains freshly plucked 10 vegetables which will be delivered at subscribers door step.


                         1 E4H garden unit = 1 acre land + 1 Farmer + 60 families
                   1 E4H box = 10 vegetables (delivered at your door step biweekly Eg Monday and Thursday ).

The structured designs of E4H gardens help people who visit the garden to feel in contact with nature thereby lowering their stress hormone levels.

Events are designed to improve the Social health (ability of people to form healthy and rewarding interpersonal relationship with others).

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