Why should you join this program?

Our program is rooted in its members, based on a mutual commitment, and nourished by and for relationships. When you join this program you will,                       

take the responsibility of your  own food and enjoy fresh locally grown vegetables

support a local farmer and gain hands-on experience of growing organic  vegetables

be part of a food system that is ecological, nourishing and connected to the community.

Join this thriving food movement


    Welcome to E4H - Eat for Health.
Eat 4 Health (E4H) is a program to develop a community of people who bring value to themselves and to society. All the members in the community have access to healthy food through local sources all the time. It is best summed up in this phrase: Own Your Food. Know Your Farmer.

Eat Healthy was founded by Shine Divakaran, an IT professional turned social entrepreneur with a team of experts in various fields in April 2017. E4H’s purpose is to create programs that connect us to our food, to our local area, to the producers of our food, and other people in the community.E4H is all about locally sourced, sustainably produced food for health conscious communities.


M: +91 90723 77303