“Health is not just about what you are eating. It is also about what you are thinking and saying”.

E4H aims to bridge the widening gap between food, its production, producers and traditional food. Millions today hungering for an authentic connection to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our customers are mainly city residents who currently have difficulty in buying locally sourced, sustainably produced food. They come from all age ranges including students and young couples, young families, older families and older couples and retired people. They are united more by their ethical principles and need for a balanced lifestyle than by any other demographic.

        Healthy, Local food to seniors.  Community garden at Kadakkavoor, Trivandrum  September 2020

The garden will grow fruits, vegetable and run a box scheme for a community of elder people. Seniors seek healthier and more engaging meals and require greater access to fruits and vegetables. Participants in this program understand the importance of local food system, local farms and local food.

        Community garden at Dhanuvachapuram Neyyattinkara  2017


This  was an experiment and our mission as stewards of farm land is to preserve biodiversity, restore soil health, and strive towards implementing a sustainable farm ecosystem.